Not Your Ordinary

Career Training Program


Not Your Ordinary

Career Training Program

The Given Chance NFP is breaking through to individuals and communities, not by changing them, but by Giving them The Chance they need to succeed.  We are not your ordinary career training program.

Individuals from certain walks of life and communities, are often viewed as the class of society that's lazy, looking for a hand out, or as the class of individuals that just does not want to work...  


...They are not what you think.   Take a look.

Your financial support pushes the effort for achieving our mission.  Your donations help deliver essential  tools to our client's.  We cannot pay for these essentials without outside financial help. We greatly appreciate your generous donation. 

There are many different ways that you can get involved with helping us achieve our mission goals.  Learn more about volunteering and sponsorship opportunities and how you can help support a great cause.

The Given Chance NFP is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization located in the City of Chicago.  More about our mission.  .

Now Or Never is a Call To Action workforce and socioeconomic development “change” campaign to help individual transition for the fast growing change in the workforce and in Chicago.


The change is coming and it is inevitable, perpetual and nonstop.  Will you be ready?


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Was all the work really worth it?

Take a look

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