Partnership Works

By partnering with The Given Chance NFP, entrepreneurs, small business, and retailers can make a difference while growing their business. Whether you donate proceeds through a social enterprise model, or whether you are a small business owner that would like to donate a percentage of sales on a regular basis, your efforts will effect the lives of MANY!

Corporate Sponsorship

The Given Chance NFP is always looking to partner through corporate sponsorship.  Check with your Human Resource Department to see how your company contributes then click her to become a Corporate Sponsor.


You can help us end welfare dependency by providing life changing training and transform the lives of the thousands of women trapped socially by making a tax-deductible donation today. Every dollar makes a difference.

Become Social Partners with

The Given Chance NFP

While we would love to promote every alternative giving opportunity, it is impossible for us to promote them all. We have created a policy that we will not send a mass email or direct email, except for RARE circumstances, to our audience.

We do offer to promote your alternative giving campaign via blog or social media if we feel like it is a good fit with our mission and audience. If you would like your campaign to be promoted via The Given Chance social media or blog, please click here and we will contact you within two weeks.

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